• 04.12.2014 - 25.01.2015

    Objective ►BCN. We Portray the City is a documentary photography project carried out at 12 civic centres through a programme of theoretical classes, practical sessions and photo outings led by acclaimed international photographers such as Samuel Aranda, Fernando Moleres, Walter Astrada, Moises Saman, Emilio Morenatti, Toni Amengual, Juan Manuel Castro Prieto and Txema Salvans.

  • 05.11.2014 - 01.02.2015

    On the Table. Ai Weiwei offers a comprehensive view of the artist's life and work through the display of a variety of artworks and materials, set up to match the scale of La Virreina Image Centre. The themes explored in Ai Weiwei’s work can be approached in many different ways, including multidisciplinarity, nonconformity and dissidence, and the impact of media.

  • 23.09.2014 - 23.11.2014

    I travelled over 60,000 kilometres crossing the Soviet Union from Brest to Magadan and from the Arctic Circle to the border with Iran and Afghanistan; I visited each and every one of the Union republics. I lived through the most severe winters and the hottest of summers, conditions in which mere human survival represented a huge problem. I was about to give in on many occasions and returned home, only to take up the journey once again soon after.

    Ryszard Kapuściński